Pablo Castro

Cofounder and frontend lead at Arengu
Free software and internet freedom activist

Curious and entrepreneur

I love to create new things, to design and build products, being up to date with the last technology news.
FOSDEM, Internet Freedom Festival, Codemotion and other conferences, talks and hackathons are in my agenda year after year.

Quality focused

I am obsesed with quality and good practices: code review, testing and continuous integration are esencial in my daily work.
I love design patterns and good practices so I am always encouraging people around me to follow them.


Technology world is growing very fast thanks to the collaboration and free (libre) culture.
I am a guy who is always trying to create community and focused in the team, not in myself.
If we work together we can build anything.


VACmatch failed project.

During last years of my computer science degree, I really wanted to push a project in the real life so with my friend Santi, we started to develop VACmatch to improve sports competitions management and of course, based on a free software product. For one year and some months we were working with some organizations to develop a prototype but our forces came down and we decided to stop our project. It was an awesome experience.

Fullstack for a while.

After VACmatch, I continued my professional life as a Fullstack developer, working with many technologies as Java, Backbone or JQuery developing a platform for trade logistics for the biggest textile company in the world, but my goal was to be focused in frontend development and after some great months in Imatia, I came to an international company called MOBGEN.

Frontend focused.

At MOBGEN I was managing the frontend part of HALO, a backend as a service platform to develop multiple mobile apps for very important clients with React, Redux and many other new technologies. As main frontend developer, I took many design decisions, trained intern and junior developers and get a lot of experience working in an international and distributed team.

Arengu cofounder.

MOBGEN was adquired by Accenture and everything started to change so close to my second year there, I decided to leave the company and start a new adventure called Arengu. We got an investment to develop a form solution focused on marketers and developers, and here we are :)


Based on Galicia, best place in the world
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Free software Enthusiast

Community organizer

Main organizer at GPUL, hosting from local meetups as GPUL Labs or hackathons like Hackathiño to big international conferences as GUADEC 2012 or Akademy 2015.


Talking about internet freedom, GNU/Linux, licenses and free software, usually focused in React, JS and other frontend technologies.


Publishing my own free software projects as VACmatch mobile (part of VACmatch, my first startup), involved in many hackathons and looking for some free time ;).

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Internet Freedom activist

I've been involved in a lot of projects and campaings last years.

I managed events in A Coruña university to protest against DRM and to stop the introduction of these digital restrictions into HTML standards.
In the Document Freedom Day, I organized talks too, trying to encourage people and public organizations to use open standards, with members of the Free Software Foundation as speakers.

At this moment privacy and internet freedom are my main worries and that's why I am contributing to some campaings like ChangeCopyright, Do not Track and many others by social networks and giving some talks to get more people involved.

And of course, I am fellow of the Free Software Foundation Europe too!